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16 September 2017
Title Time Description
Real Deal Music Festival 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM The Real Deal Music Festival is an ALL INCLUSIVE all day event that provides a safe, exciting and supportive music festival environment for individuals with special needs!
The event will feature several live music acts that target specific age groups, as the day ages, the age appropriate music will too!
The official schedule will be posted soon, but overall the day will begin with live music experiences focused on targeting early childhood and young children, and then shift to adolescents and young adults, finishing the day with a live music and dancing experiences for adults and older adults.
This event is free to attend and the Hibernian Cultural Center will have ample free parking, handicapped accessibility and the bar will be open
WCET is providing use of noise limiting head phones for individuals with sensitivity to loud noises and UV Sun glasses to those who are sensitive to bright lights. (If lights will be used there will be a posted time slot to keep everyone informed when it will be happening).
Fun art, sensory, and movement activities will be held throughout the day and a lounge area with bean bags and floor mats will be provided. There will also be an outdoor area too!